Commercial Window Cleaning In Arizona

Our team of expert window cleaners is trained to deliver a premium service to your business. We know that each company is different and will have its unique requirements. That’s why we tailor our services to suit each client’s individual needs.

All of our staff are fully qualified, insured, and vetted so that you can be confident in the safety and quality of our service.

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Arizona Commercial Window Cleaning

We offer a wide range of services, from office building cleaning to commercial window washing. We are ready to help you make a great first impression on your customers, whether they are coming in for a visit or stopping by for lunch.

We have the experience and expertise to make your building shine without interfering with your business operations.

Make a Great First Impression

Our team is fully trained on all safety procedures. We use only environmentally friendly products, so there won’t be any negative impact on the environment or your facility. Our employees are courteous and friendly, so they will fit right in with your team while they work hard to keep the building looking its best!

Commercial window cleaning in arizona | keepers commercial cleaning
Commercial window cleaning in arizona | keepers commercial cleaning

Your Buildings are Important To Us

We Take Pride In Cleaning

We take pride in cleaning your windows and making them look their best. Our team of professionals will ensure that you are happy with the results, no matter how big or small the job.

Professional Team

We strive for perfection on every level and understand that this can only be achieved by working with a team committed to excellence.

Customized Packages

Our customized packages allow us to tailor our services to fit any budget while still providing you with an excellent job done right.

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The first step is scheduling an appointment so we can come out and give you an estimate so that you know what to expect when paying for things like this.

We want our customers to feel comfortable hiring us for this work, so please reach out today!

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Commercial window cleaning in arizona | keepers commercial cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

The professionals who clean your windows use a variety of tools and techniques to ensure that they are cleaned thoroughly. Just like any other cleaning job, the first step is to remove any dirt or grime from the window. After that is done, the professional will use an extension pole to reach the top of the window so they can clean it with a squeegee. The squeegee should be dipped in water before each stroke so that it can be used to remove dirt and grime from the glass.

If there are stubborn stains on the glass, then professionals will use a special chemical spray on them before wiping them away with a cloth or paper towel. This process will leave no streaks or smudges behind so you can enjoy looking through your windows without worrying about seeing anything else except for what’s outside of them!

The best way to clean large windows is with a lift. The window is lifted above the ground and cleaned from above, which allows you to reach all sides of the window without having to move around it. A lift can also be used for cleaning large glass panels in commercial buildings, such as storefronts or office towers.

We all know that cleaning your windows can be a pain, but keeping them clean is important for the safety and appearance of your home or business. If you have a busy schedule or are short on time, hiring a professional window cleaner can make all the difference in how clean your windows look.

What is the difference between residential and commercial window cleaning?

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Our Happy Commercial Customers

82 reviews on
Shannon spilo
Shannon Spilo
Excellent and consistent service. We have a very modern office with a lot of WHITE surfaces and they keep it spotless.
Knc contracting
KNC Contracting
The cleaning staff is wonderful! Always very thorough and professional. The office staff are fantastic too. Would recommend this service to anyone.
Jeremy kleen
Jeremy Kleen
They were really friendly and did an awesome job cleaning our offices, kitchen and break rooms. I would highly recommend them.
James principe
James Principe
Awesome job! Keepers came in and gave us the best quote with the best possible service! Everyone from office staff to operations staff are great to work with! Highly recommend for all your sanitation needs!
Jessica gunkle
Jessica Gunkle
keepers Commercial Cleaning has done a great Job.
E. Paul whetten
E. Paul Whetten
We contracted with Keepers to clean our office building about a month ago, and the whole experience has been an education in professionalism and attention to details. The introduction to the contract alone is worth the experience just to see how pros do their job. Of course, you don't hire a cleaning company for their marketing materials. Their work has matched their marketing. The cleaners assigned to our building take time to pay attention to the little details, and it shows. Our office is clean as a whistle when we come in each morning. And the price is right in line with what I expected to pay. Overall, one of the most satisfying experiences I have had with a third-party service provider. They came to us highly recommended from others who have used them, and they live up to their reputation. I am happy to recommend them to anyone who needs professional cleaning services.
Deb white
Deb White
Cleaning is on time and thorough. Adjustments made quickly to meet our expectations. Great value for the money and easy billing. Highly recommend.
Shelly j
Shelly J
The whole experience from the first walk thru to the bid to the cleaning service has been great! I am glad we found them and would suggest giving them a try!

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Why Choose Keepers For Commercial Cleaning?



Onboarding is seamless from our website to servicing your company. We minimize back and forth and focus on what is essential right now.


Constant Feedback

Our supervisors check in and visit every customer day and night. We ask for service feedback monthly. We are refining our craft constantly.


Purpose Driven

Our staff has a clear purpose, and we are driven to take care of our customers, getting to know their needs inside out.

to do list

Detailed Planning

We work with you to create a detailed scope of work specific to your facility. Our plan will provide clear guidelines and will be updated when needed.


Local Business

We are an independent janitorial business serving our local customers. We are proud to have serviced over 600 customers in 14 years.


Extensive Training

Our crews are trained for proper systems, protocols, chemicals, and equipment use.

Tired of running out of consumable cleaning supplies?

Let us take care of this for you.

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