Specialty Services

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Our team will be happy to answer any questions about what these services entail and provide you with pricing for your specific building.  Once you approve the proposal we will reach out to schedule your specialty service according to your availability. 

Featured Specialty Services


Window Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning


VCT Strip & Wax


Tile and Grout Cleaning

26-Vacuum cleaner

Machine Scrubbing & Buffing

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Why Choose Keepers For Cleaning?


On-boarding is seamless from our website to servicing your company. We minimize back and forth and focus on what is important right now.

Constant Feedback

Our supervisors check-in and visit every customer day and night. We ask for service feedback monthly. Refining our craft constantly.

Purpose Driven

Our staff has a clear purpose and we are driven to take care of our customers, getting to know their needs inside out.

Detailed Planning

We work with you to create a detailed scope of work specific to your facility. Our plan will provide clear guidelines and will be updated when needed.

Local Business

We are an independent, janitorial business serving our local customers. We are proud to have serviced over 600 customers in 14 years.

Extensive Training

Our crews are put through detailed training for proper systems, protocols, chemicals and equipment use.

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Specialty Services