7 Ways to Say “Thank You” to Your Cleaning Crew 

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Cleaning crews perform a labor-intensive and often thankless job. Their efforts often go unnoticed because the cleaning crews usually clean the facilities after hours when no one is around. With Thank Your Cleaner Day around the corner you can use the following ways to say, “thank you” and show your cleaning crew the appreciation they deserve.   What is Thank Your Cleaner day?  Thank Your Cleaner Day is an extraordinary day once a year dedicated to […]

7 Simple Cleaning Tips for Returning to Work

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As the colder months approach, this season also marks a time to take greater health precautions. Additionally, many companies are now returning to their shared office spaces from working remotely since the initial outbreak of Covid-19. As these upcoming months approach, it is significant that effective cleaning efforts are made to maintain a healthy work […]

Do Green Cleaning Products Matter?

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Schools all across Arizona are going green, choosing to use environmentally friendly cleaning products instead of standard chemically based cleaners. The reason schools are making the switch to environmentally friendly cleaning products is mainly for the health of their students. Typical cleaning companies use the same commercial cleaning products in all types of buildings they […]

Why to Hire a Move Out Cleaning Company For Your Office

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Moving to a new workplace can be both frightening and exciting. Before you start working at your new facility you should properly clean the office that you will be moving out of to ensure your deposit is returned. You can choose to clean the entire property yourself, or hire a professional cleaning company to clean […]