7 Ways to Say “Thank You” to Your Cleaning Crew 

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Cleaning crews perform a labor-intensive and often thankless job. Their efforts often go unnoticed because the cleaning crews usually clean the facilities after hours when no one is around. With Thank Your Cleaner Day around the corner you can use the following ways to say, “thank you” and show your cleaning crew the appreciation they deserve.   What is Thank Your Cleaner day?  Thank Your Cleaner Day is an extraordinary day once a year dedicated to […]

10 Commercial Cleaning Tips

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Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company, such as Keepers Commercial Cleaning, is by far the most efficient way to ensure that your commercial properties are maintained to the highest standard, however if you are hiring in house for your cleaning, then below are some commercial cleaning tips you may find useful! 1. Importance of Carpet […]

The Importance of Green Cleaning

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In recent years we have relied on strong and even caustic solutions to clean our schools and other commercial workspaces in the country. Research proves how dangerous these solutions can be for our air quality, groundwater, our bodies, and other parts of our environment. These are great reasons to use green cleaning, and why you […]