Office Cleaning Checklist: The Ultimate Guide for a Spotless Workspace

Certified janitor service working on making the room clean

A spotless office isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a productivity powerhouse, a silent crusader for employee wellness, and a cornerstone of a healthy work environment. Regular hygiene and cleaning tasks are crucial in maintaining a space where employees can thrive. An office cleaning checklist becomes the unsung hero of workplace hygiene, ensuring every nook is […]

10 Incredible Ways to Remove Stains from Plastic: Your Ultimate Guide

Boy sorting plastic close up

Stains on your precious plasticware can be a real eyesore, especially after a dishwasher cycle with dish detergent or dish soap, right? Not to mention, plastic tupperware and other plastic ware products make your storage containers look old and worn out. This includes all types of plasticware. But here’s the thing: these stubborn stains on […]

How Much Does Commercial Window Cleaning Cost? Ultimate 2023 Guide

How much does commercial window cleaning cost? Ultimate 2023 guide

Ever found yourself squinting through your business’s grimy windows, wondering how much commercial cleaning services would cost? Are you curious about the cleaning costs involved and how many cleaners it would take to get them sparkling clean? You’re not alone. Understanding the pricing of many cleaners offering commercial window cleaning and high dusting services can […]

How to Choose a Commercial Cleaning Service Company: Your Ultimate Guide

How to choose a commercial cleaning service company: your ultimate guide | keepers commercial cleaning

Choosing a commercial cleaning service company is more than just outsourcing your janitorial needs. It’s about business owners hiring for cleanings to maintain their facility. It’s about enhancing productivity through office cleaning and maintaining the hygiene standards that reflect on your business reputation. This is a crucial part of the cleaning industry, where cleanings are […]

Can Vinegar Clean Floors? Unleash its Power in Our Ultimate Guide

Can vinegar clean floors? Unleash its power in our ultimate guide | keepers commercial cleaning

Ever spilled something on your floor and reached for the nearest cleaning solutions, like chemicals in a spray bottle or a disinfectant? Next time, consider grabbing baking soda and a disinfectant instead. These cleaning solutions are handy tips for your next clean-up. This common kitchen mop is not just for salads anymore; it’s a natural […]