Windows- a customer’s first impression of you.

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One of the first things a customer sees when they enter your building are the windows.  Don’t scare customers away by giving them a bad first impression of your business.   Now is the perfect time to have your business’ windows professionally cleaned.
If you have not had your windows professionally cleaned by Keepers Commercial Cleaning before, here is a list of reasons why giving us a call to schedule your window cleaning is a great idea:

1. – A clean workspace, and that includes the windows, improves employee morale, attendance, and employee productivity.
2. – A sparkling clean window will allow more natural light into the office or workspace. If you have had to work with only artificial light for long periods of time, you know how to appreciate even more when natural sunlight is maximized at the workspace. PLUS, a clean window will allow you to appreciate the view outside.
3. – A clean window will enhance the curb appeal of your business, and along with a clean workspace, will create a positive impression.
4. – Last but not least, having Keepers Commercial Cleaning take care of your window cleaning will provide spotless detailed results. We are convenient and cost effective.

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