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What’s your favorite restaurant? How often do you get to go there? I’m assuming that like me, you decided that your favorite restaurant is the one where they serve really good food, maybe even your favorite dish.

Let’s now talk about the other things that may make this restaurant your favorite. Are you able to make reservations when you need it? When you get there, are you greeted with a smile? What about cleanliness? What are the things you noticed? How’s the entry way? Are the windows clean? Once you are seated, how clean is the table? Have the napkins been pressed? Are the menus clean? Are the items on the table clean and ready to use? How are the bathrooms? Are the mirrors shiny? Is there enough toilet paper?

These are things that we might not think about until we are there, but things that restaurant owners constantly think of and prepare for. They know that cleanliness is part of the ambiance and it makes a big statement about the restaurant. Probably a very important reason why you feel comfortable when you go there for dinner.

At Office Keepers AZ, we are happy to serve many restaurants in the valley. We meet with each client, and decide together on the specific service we will provide. We do inspections regularly to make sure standards are met, and we go above and beyond to make sure that our clients are able to welcome their guests in a clean and appealing environment every day.


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